Summer Grilling Safety Tips

Illinois Burn Injury Attorney

We are proud to represent injury victims, but more than anything else, we would like to see them avoid being hurt by defective or dangerous products, as well as careless people.

So we thought it would be appropriate to share with readers some tips for summer grilling safety, especially because thousands of grill fires and explosions each year result in more than $25 million in property loss and more than 100 serious injuries and several deaths each year, according to data published several years ago by the National Fire Protection Association (the “NFPA”) and the National Fire Incidents Reporting System (the “NFIRS”).

The NFPA and NFIRS also noted that the number of gas grill fires has increased over time as the number of grills proliferates and price points for the grills are more varied.

They also noted that mechanical failure or malfunction is by far the leading factor in grill fires, something over which users have little control.

But, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are a number of things that grill owners and summer barbecue guests can do to lessen their chances of suffering serious burns or injuries from a grill explosion or fire, including:

  • Making sure that burner valves and gas hoses or tubes are not caked with food, grease, insects or other debris;
  • Making sure that hoses or tubes are not broken or cracked;
  • Keeping matches, cigarettes and other ignition sources away from a grill;
  • Keeping the grill as far as feasible away from buildings;
  • Keeping people away from the grill as much as possible; and
  • Keeping the grill outside, so that deadly carbon monoxide fumes (especially prevalent with charcoal) do not build up inside of a garage, enclosed porch or other enclosed area.

It is also especially important to read all gas or charcoal grill instructions and warnings prior to use, and to follow all prescribed maintenance procedures. Failure to do so will almost certainly result in the manufacturer asserting that it has no responsibility whatsoever for consequent injuries in the event of a mishap (whether or not this is a legally tenable position).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also reports that many people are injured each summer by ingesting wire from grill brushes, which can cause bowel or throat perforations, as well as other injuries. So check your grill surface and your brushes before use.

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