Defective Baby Recliners Pose Risks to Children

Illinois Product Liability Lawyers

Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) recall of 165,000 baby recliners, which was recently reported in the Huffington Post, is just the latest example of threats posed to children from products that were improperly designed, manufactured or marketed and sold.

The recall in question relates to baby recliners marketed in many states under the names of “Nap Nanny” and “Nap Nanny Chill.” These recliners spurred more than 92 incident reports with the CPSC, four of which involved infant deaths as a result of infants falling out of or perilously hanging over the edge of the recliners.

The manufacturer is no longer in business, but that should not prevent parents from recovering damages for their children’s injuries. If a child is injured or killed as a result of a defective product, an effective legal advocate can procure a recovery even if the manufacturer is out of business.

Not only is the defunct manufacturer likely to have an insurance policy that remains effective for injuries suffered during the policy period, there are probably other defendants who can be held accountable as well. For instance, designer of the defective product and its insurer could be on the hook for liability, as well as any marketing or distribution arm of the manufacturer that knew or should have known of the defects it was placing in commerce.

Four national retailers agreed to recall of many of the recliners late last year after the manufacturer said it would not voluntarily participate in a recall, but other retailers who refused to participate in the recall but had knowledge of the defects could be held liable for injuries resulting from the sale of dangerous recliners.

When a child has been hurt by a defective product, money damages will not take away the parents’ suffering, but they can help pay for medical care, therapy and other consequences that come from serious harm to a child.

Knowing your rights when your child is or might have been harmed by a defective product is the first step toward a legal recovery.  If you have purchased a defective product for your child, or believe you might have done so, but are not sure, and have suffered injury as a result, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (312) 477-2500 to speak with one of our qualified personal injury attorneys. We can help you determine if and how you might have been harmed, and what damages and remedies you can pursue. You can also check out our Website for more information about our law firm, Cogan & Power, P.C.