• Dedicated Lawyer

    Dear Cogan and Power, P.C.,

    I am writing to thank you for helping our family during an extremely tough time. When Edward died of a misdiagnosed fungal infection we were all pretty shook up and it was hard to know what to do. Michael Cogan treated us with compassion and helped us understand what our options were. His experience and knowledge were obvious throughout the experience. He felt strongly that we should meet with a lawyer who specialized in structured settlements and before all was said and done both me and my son agreed to both a cash and structured settlement. During this time, it was nice to know we had a dedicated lawyer treating us with kindness and respect. We appreciated his professionalism and perseverance as he secured a 3.25-million-dollar settlement for our family. We can now do what we need to do plus we have security for life. Even after the case settled, Mr. Cogan continued to treat us like family. We all hear stories about bad lawyers. Mr. Cogan and his partners are some of the good ones.

    Thank you so much.

    - Murdice

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  • Great Experience
    I had a great experience with Cogan & Power. They set up a lawsuit for me for a drunk driver incident. They did it very quickly and kept me in the loop about all of the information. I didn’t really understand the information presented to me, and they were able to break it down for me. They were very personable, knowledgeable, and intimate. Overall, they were very good! I’d highly recommend them.

    - Pedro N.

  • Best Settlement Possible
    Michael Cogan and his associates are a God send! They showed care and concern for our family during a difficult time and made the whole process painless by working for us to get the best settlement possible. Thank you!

    - Chaenl H.

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  • Quick and Efficient

    Cogan & Power surpassed all of my expectations. I had them represent me in a car accident case with my automobile, and I could not ask for more. They were very quick and efficient, and I loved how they were both extremely professional and personal at the same time. This was my first time using them, and I would definitely use them again.

    - Stephen D.

  • Helped Me Tremendously

    I hired Cogan & Power for a personal injury claim. They were the best attorneys I have ever spoken to. They would call me back when promised; between the secretary and them, I had great communication.

    Once they told me the dates to be there, they walked me through the process. They helped me tremendously; I would have never been able to receive this settlement with out their help and knowledge.

    The attorney had told me to hold off and not to make any harsh decisions; otherwise, I would have gotten less than what I deserved. I listened to him and I was very happy with the results.

    - Tony N.

  • Knowledgeable

    Cogan & Power always gave a return call whenever I left them a message. I had good results with my personal injury claim. The were absolutely knowledgeable about the law. I would not hesitate to call them again for questions or for their services.

    - Kathy H.

  • Great Respect and Class

    Cogan & Power treated my family with great respect and in a delicate manner. They treated my family accordingly. They properly represented my family and the core cause of the problem. They did so with great class and I thoroughly appreciated their service.

    - Anthony V.

  • Exceeded My Expectations

    Cogan & Power worked very hard to help me get what they thought I deserved. I had an injury due to and accident, and they did it within reasonable time. They exceeded my expectations helping me with my restitution.

    - Diane O.

  • Excellent Service

    I contacted Cogan & Power due to a personal injury during an auto accident. I rate them highly because everything specific to my case was well handled. I was able to know the probability and amount of settlement with anticipation. They had good attention to detail and had the ability to negotiate to the highest settlement in my case. Their negotiability of my settlement for the opposing party brought the best resolution. Overall, they were very knowledgeable with the laws specific to my case; excellent service from inception to conclusion!

    - Amit T.

  • Best Possible Choice

    My suit was pretty complex, yet Michael Cogan knew exactly what to do. Along with his experience and medical expertise, he hired the top doctors and consultants in the country to support my case against the opposing doctors, lawyers, and hospital. Michael and his team also made me feel comfortable during this tragic time. They know how to play this most difficult game, and WIN. The best possible choice I could have made.

    - Joe K.

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  • Put Me At Ease

    I would definitely recommend Cogan & Power. He communicated with me throughout the process, and that communication helped put me at ease as we went along. Knowing every step that he was going to take just made things that much easier for me. It was nice knowing that things were taken care of.

    - Jim S.

  • Handled Everything

    I contacted Cogan & Power after I had a fall. I know John through my employer. They are good friends. I called John and told him the situation. He had me come into the office for a consultation. We talked about my options and the steps we needed to take. They handled everything for me in its entirety. Kim is an angel. When I would call in with a question, she was always there for me. If she did not have an answer, she would find one and get right back to me. The entire process was very prompt. Everything turned out wonderful. We won our suit. It was so easy for me. I am sure it was a lot of work for them but not for me. I have already recommended them several times and will continue to do so!

    - Sharon B.

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  • Care and Guidance

    I contacted Michael Cogan after a very bad car accident. I was very frightened by what lay ahead of me. I had no car, a broken wrist which caused other complications, chipped teeth and future concerns down the road. I needed help with my children and many Dr. and dentist appointments in addition to physical therapy appointments. Our bills were surmounting .Michael carefully guided me through every step and concern I had. He treated me as if I was family. He walked me through every step. If it weren’t for the care and guidance I received from Michael Cogan and his staff I would not be safe and healthy today. With his help I was able to take care of my family which mattered the most to me and heal myself. If I ever were to refer a Lawyer to anyone it would be Michael Cogan.

    - Erica N.

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  • "Get the Job Done" Attorney

    I was introduced to John Power through an attorney where I work. John was a very caring, attentive, “get the job done” attorney. You can’t ask for a better Plaintiff’s Attorney!!! He kept my husband and I informed of our case from start to finish, whether it was good news or bad. He always explained each step of the legal process for our type of case. John fought very hard for us. We are very pleased with the result! His staff – Kim Stefanek and Greg Marshall – top notch professional assistants! They don’t keep you waiting. Showing respect to their clients is a priority! Phone calls and emails are returned asap. These are the type of attorneys you want on your side – Cogan & Power!!

    - Angela S.

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  • Best in Service

    The service from Cogan & Power is exceptional. We brought them on to help us with a rather difficult case with a hospital that had great negligence in delivering my daughter and running into many issues at the time of her birth. We got Cogan & Power on board to help us have the hospital rectify their wrongs and the process went very smoothly.

    John kept us in the loop the entire time and made sure we had everything we needed. It all panned out and the case was closed with satisfaction. I’m absolutely pleased with the service from them. Most lawyers won’t give you a direct line for them to reach you at any time but I was able to contact them at any time. The communication level was just excellent. I’d strongly recommend their practice.

    - Chris F.

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  • Most Professional and Compassionate

    Everyone was incredibly helpful at Cogan & Power! I used them for a personal injury issue, and John was incredibly professional. He really did a fantastic job!

    Every time I called, every time we spoke, he made me feel like I was the number one customer he was working with. I know he was working on other cases, but every time we spoke it felt like I was his main concern. It was the same with everyone in the office, from the paralegal to the other partner.

    Things worked out fantastic for me. If you put your problem in their hands, you won’t have to worry about anything. My father is an attorney, and I know a lot of attorneys. Of all the ones I’ve ever met, Cogan and Power is the most professional and compassionate about what they do!

    - Noel L.

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  • On Our Side

    Cogan & Power helped us settle a lawsuit for my husband who was injured in a truck accident. The outcome was stupendous and they did a great job. Everything is way above normal standards now and it was great to have them on our side.

    - Marcie E.

  • Professional and Articulate

    A few other law firms declined to take my case (reading between the lines: “It wasn’t an easy enough victory”) and others were lackluster in their interest. Michael Cogan not only took an immediate, personal interest in this case, but also brought the sharp focus and finely tuned expertise that only years of experience can provide, as I would soon discover… To make a long story short, I had the opportunity to witness Michael’s deposition of Defendant’s Expert Witness which was polite, professional, articulate, and left the Defense all but floundering and defenseless when confronted with Michael’s research, questions, and legal position. Suffice it to say that they offered an acceptable, seven-figure settlement shortly thereafter.
    No one can undo the damage that was done to me.

    But Cogan gave me the emotional satisfaction and peace of mind that was arguably as valuable as the cash settlement – both of which make me grateful that I entrusted my case to Cogan & Power.

    - Henry F.

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  • Not Enough Stars in the World
    There are not enough stars in the world for Sara Davis at Cogan & Power. I was in a car accident and having trouble with the insurance company of the at-fault driver. A friend suggested I get an attorney, sometimes things move a little faster with one. She had an excellent outcome with Sara Davis and recommended I speak with her.
    After the initial consultation with Sara, I felt at ease and like family was taking care of me. She was honest, realistic, professional and caring. She thoroughly explained the entire process and gave me an accurate timeline as to when everything should be taken care of.
    Any time I had a question, the entire team at Cogan & Power was ready to help me. Sara's assistant, Kim, is knowledgeable and honest. Emails and phone calls were returned in a timely manner. I felt like my little case was the most important case to them. I had a whole team fighting for just me! Throughout the entire process I was kept in the loop, but had none of the stress that I was feeling prior to contacting Sara. She took care of all the phone calls to the insurance companies. She argued for a settlement that was more than I expected! She lifted the weight off my shoulders and let me continue to live my life without having to deal with any of the back and forth.
    I thought I could take care of everything by myself. However, handing my case over to Sara showed me there are certain things that should be left to the professionals. If you need a true professional, you need a team to fight for you, look no further than Sara Davis at Cogan & Power. She will take care of everything.

    - Kathryn B.

  • Insightful and Professional

    Sara Davis proved to be empathetic, knowledgeable, insightful and professional during the most difficult time of our lives. Feeling blessed to have had her level of expertise and effective leadership to navigate various legal issues after our 19 year old son, riding a motorcycle, was struck head on by a car who crossed the center lines. Our family cannot express how her kindness and legal skills aiding in all our recoveries. We pass on a glowing review, 5 stars is not enough!

    - Leslie O.