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If you were injured in a car accident due to another driver's negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages and losses. However, if you were injured in a drunk driving accident, your situation becomes more complicated. The at-fault driver's insurance company may try to deny your claim or significantly reduce the amount of money they are willing to pay, arguing that you were partially at fault for causing the accident.

At Cogan & Power, P.C., our Chicago drunk driving accident lawyer is ready to fight for you. We know how to navigate the complex legal system to get you the best possible outcome. We will fight for fair compensation for your losses, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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How Our Lawyers Can Help You

Navigating the aftermath of a drunk driving accident can be overwhelming. Our attorneys can alleviate the stress by handling all aspects of your claim. We are dedicated to securing the maximum compensation available to help you recover from your injuries and move forward with your life. We provide our clients with:

  • Legal Expertise: Navigating the aftermath of a drunk driving accident requires a nuanced understanding of both personal injury and DUI law. Our seasoned attorneys bring a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring you have skilled advocates in your corner.
  • Investigation and Evidence Gathering: We leave no stone unturned in building a robust case on your behalf. Our team conducts thorough investigations, obtaining police reports, interviewing witnesses, and collaborating with accident reconstruction experts to strengthen your claim.
  • Negotiation and Litigation: Our attorneys are skilled negotiators, striving to secure fair settlements with insurance companies. However, we are prepared to take your case to court if needed, leveraging our litigation expertise for the best possible outcome.
  • Emotional Support: We understand the emotional toll a drunk driving accident can take. Our team provides compassionate support, allowing you to focus on recovery while we handle the legal complexities.

Injuries Commonly Suffered by Victims

Victims of drunk driving accidents can suffer a wide range of injuries, some of which can be life-altering. The severity and type of injuries often depend on the specifics of the accident, but the following are commonly reported:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs): These are among the most serious injuries that can occur in a drunk driving accident. TBIs can range from mild concussions to severe brain damage that could lead to long-term cognitive impairment, coma, or even death.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries: High-impact collisions can lead to spinal cord injuries, which can result in partial or complete paralysis.

  • Organ Damage: The force of a collision can cause internal injuries, including damage to the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, or spleen.

  • Limb Injuries: These can include fractures, dislocations, and, in severe cases, amputations.

  • Neck Injuries: Whiplash is a common neck injury resulting from the sudden back-and-forth motion of the head and neck during a collision.

  • Chest Injuries: These can include broken ribs, collapsed lungs, or cardiac arrest, especially if the driver was not wearing a seatbelt.

  • Scrapes and Cuts: Broken glass and metal fragments can cause these injuries, which can lead to scarring and disfigurement.

  • Traumatic Amputations: In severe accidents, victims may suffer traumatic amputations where a limb is severed during the crash.

  • Fractures: Broken bones are common in drunk driving accidents and can occur anywhere in the body.

Each of these injuries requires immediate medical attention and potentially long-term care. If you or a loved one has been a victim of a drunk driving accident, it is essential to seek legal advice to ensure your rights are protected.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Your Injuries?

Under Illinois law, not only can the drunk driver be held liable for your injuries, but other parties may also be responsible. These can include the owner of the vehicle the drunk driver was operating, the bar or restaurant that served alcohol to the driver, or even a social host who provided alcohol at a party. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to identify all potential sources of liability to ensure you receive the full compensation you're entitled to.

What Damages Could Be Recovered in a Drunk Driving Accident Claim?

Victims of drunk driving accidents may be entitled to different types of damages, depending on the specifics of their case. These damages fall into two main classifications: economic and non-economic.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are quantifiable financial losses resulting from the accident. These could include:

  • Medical Bills: Compensation for past, present, and future medical expenses related to the accident. This includes hospital stays, surgeries, medication, physical therapy, and any necessary medical equipment.
  • Lost Wages: Reimbursement for income lost because of the inability to work during recovery. This also covers loss of future earning capacity if the victim is unable to return to work or perform the same job due to their injuries.
  • Property Damage: Costs associated with restoring or replacing your vehicle and any other property damaged in the accident.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are often more subjective and compensate for the emotional and psychological effect of the accident. These may include:

  • Pain and Suffering: Compensation for the physical pain and distress endured because of the accident and subsequent injuries.
  • Emotional Distress: Damages for the mental anguish, anxiety, depression, and emotional trauma caused by the accident.
  • Loss of Consortium: Compensation granted to the family of the victim for the loss of companionship, care, and support because of the victim’s injuries.
  • Punitive Damages: In the cases of extreme negligence or willful misconduct, such as drunk driving, punitive damages may also be awarded. These damages are intended to punish the at-fault driver and prevent similar conduct in the future. The amount awarded is normally based on the severity of the conduct and the financial standing of the defendant.

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