When Major Truck Violations Cause a Crash

Commercial truck drivers that fail to adhere to safety regulations and motor vehicle laws run the risk of causing serious, potentially deadly trucking accidents in Illinois. When these accidents occur, truck drivers, the companies they work for, and those responsible for maintaining the trucks can be held liable for the personal injuries and wrongful deaths they cause.

Violations of Truck Inspection Requirements

Each year, more than 4 million inspections are performed on large trucks in the United States. Under the North American Standard Inspection Program, these inspections evaluate the safety of the vehicle and the competence of the driver.

Level 1 inspections include examining the driver’s license, medical records, and skills performance. It also includes a review of drug/alcohol tests and driving record. Inspection of seat belts, brake systems, fuel systems, lighting devices, and securement of cargo is also performed. Level 2 inspections involve a walk around of the vehicle.

Level 3 inspections involve a detailed exam of the driver’s logs, vehicle inspection reports, medical card, and driver incident history. Level 4 inspections are limited to one-time inspections of specific components. Level 5 inspections are a repeat of Level 1 inspections but do not require the driver to be present. Level 6 inspections are reserved for radioactive cargo shipments.

When the inspection is complete, the inspector is required to place a CVSA decal on the vehicle to certify that the vehicle and the driver meet all required safety standards.

Drivers and trucking companies that fail to properly inspect their vehicles and maintain accurate records can be subjected to fines and penalties. Drivers and trucking companies that operate unsafe fleets place motorists, pedestrians, and the general public at risk of serious injury or wrongful death due to their negligence.

Traffic Infractions

Truck drivers and fleet operators frequently violate traffic laws. These violations include speeding, using controlled substances including drugs and alcohol, distracted driving, and aggressive driving. Many large truck operators and the companies they work for violate hours of service regulations and fail to perform the required record keeping that shows the driver is not driving while drowsy.

Failure to adhere to the applicable laws and recordkeeping requirements is a common cause of large truck accidents in the United States. When these accidents occur, a truck accident lawyer in Illinois can help individuals recover compensation for the personal injuries and wrongful deaths that result.