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Injured in a Crash with a Tow Truck?

If someone is injured in a crash with a tow truck, they may take legal action against the responsible driver or their employer if the accident resulted from negligence. Tow trucks provide valuable services to broken down vehicles, but they can cause serious accidents that result in severe injuries to motorists or pedestrians on the road.

Common Causes of Tow Truck Accidents

Whenever a tow truck hauls another vehicle, there is a risk of an accident involving a motor vehicle. Some of the most common causes of tow truck crashes include:

Driver Negligence

Over-speeding, failure to check blind spots, illegal lane changes, distracted driving, failure to use proper warning signs, drunk driving, or pulling a load that’s excessive for the tow truck can lead to a serious automobile accident. An accident is more likely to occur if the driver is overworked, fatigued, or sleep-deprived.

Failure to Check Blind Spots

Tow trucks have larger blind spots because the towed vehicle may block areas from view. This can cause errors in both distance and spatial perception and may result in a crash if the driver fails to check the blind spots.

Improper Maintenance

Tow trucks have several mechanisms, so poor maintenance can put a dangerous machine on the road. An accident can be caused by worn-out tires, defective chains, indicators that don’t work, faulty brakes, or mechanical failures in the engine, or hydraulic system.

Failure to Secure Tow Properly

If a driver fails to properly secure the vehicle to be towed, it could come loose into oncoming traffic. The hauled vehicle may also shift forward or laterally, hitting an oncoming vehicle.

Tow Truck Company Negligence

Tow truck drivers must be instructed on how they should operate, properly load, and maintain their tow trucks. A towing company may hire or retain inexperienced and reckless drivers due to lack of vetting during the hiring process, improper training, and supervision of drivers.

Tow Truck Accident Injuries and Damages

Accidents with tow trucks tend to have tragic consequences because of their massive size and the additional weight of the hauled vehicle. Injuries may include traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), broken bones, soft tissue injuries, paralysis, neck injuries, internal injuries, lacerations, muscle strains, sprains, and nerve damage. Injuries may have long-term impacts and victims may need extensive medical treatment. A victim may be eligible to recover monetary damages for injuries.