In an Accident with an Uninsured Trucker?

If someone is in an accident with a truck driver who does not have proper insurance, the resulting claim and legal battle becomes more complicated. Truck drivers have a legal responsibility to carry proper liability insurance. When they do not, and they cause an accident, the injured parties face an uphill battle to get proper compensation. Working with a truck accident lawyer can help victims hold truckers accountable in these cases.

Injuries in Truck Accident Cases Are Severe

Unfortunately, sometimes drivers do not heed the law and head out on the road without proper insurance coverage. When this happens and someone is injured, the injuries are often severe. Truck driving accidents caused by unsafe semi drivers can lead to a lifetime of suffering, and injured parties deserve compensation. In addition, the damage to the victim’s vehicle can be irreparable, leaving the driver without a vehicle.

Insurance Requirements Under Federal Law

In order to operate a commercial truck, the trucking company must purchase insurance for the vehicles. Federal law requires $750,000 to $5,000,000 in coverage for hazardous freight and $300,000 in coverage for non-hazardous freight. If the truck is operating a passenger vehicle, then they must purchase a policy with $5,000,000 in personal injury coverage. In addition, the drivers must carry minimum liability insurance based on Illinois law.

If a truck driver works without insurance, they are breaking the law. If someone gets injured as a result, they can hold the driver and the trucking company accountable with the help of a truck accident lawyer.

Options to Seek Compensation

If someone is injured by an uninsured truck driver in Illinois, they do have options to seek compensation. Even if the truck driver and trucking company do not have insurance, the victim still has rights. A truck accident lawyer can help fight the strong defense of the trucking company to get that compensation.

If the victim has personal injury protection or uninsured motorist coverage, they can file a claim with their own insurance for reimbursement for their medical costs.

Unfortunately, PIP coverage is often insufficient to cover the full extent of injuries after a truck accident. A truck accident lawyer can facilitate a lawsuit that holds the truck driver and the trucking company liable for their illegal activities and negligence on the road.