How to Choose a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you were the victim of a medical error, you are likely hurt, angry, and confused. Depending on the circumstances of your injury and medical error, you may be entitled to financial compensation in a medical malpractice lawsuit. To do so, it is highly recommended that you consult with a skilled medical malpractice attorney, but choosing the right medical malpractice attorney can be confusing.

When making the decision to hire a medical malpractice lawyer, you should consider the following:

  • Does the lawyer have experience handling medical malpractice lawsuits?

Medical malpractice lawsuits involve a complex area of tort law. Accordingly, it is important to hire a lawyer who has significant experience handling medical malpractice lawsuits. At Cogan & Power, P.C., our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Cogan & Power, P.C. have more than 100 years of combined legal experience of handling medical malpractice cases.

  • Does the lawyer have the necessary medical knowledge?

Because medical malpractice lawsuits involve legal, as well as medical, issues, it is important to hire a lawyer who has the necessary legal and medical knowledge. At Cogan & Power, we focus on medical malpractice cases, which provides us with unsurpassed knowledge of the legal, procedural, and medical issues that can come into play when pursuing a medical malpractice or wrongful death claim. Moreover, our team of Chicago medical malpractice lawsuits includes a former obstetrical nurse and a former in-house lawyer for a well-respected teaching hospital, who add an extra layer of focused medical knowledge to our clients’ cases.

  • What results has the lawyer achieved for other clients?

Before choosing to hire a medical malpractice attorney, you should find out the attorney’s record of prior case results. While each case is different, the attorney’s track record will speak to his or her knowledge and experience handling medical malpractice cases. At Cogan & Power, our proven track record of success speaks for itself as we have obtained numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of the victims of medical malpractice, including an $11.4 million settlement for a man whose cervical cord was injured when his head fell from the head-holder during surgery, a nearly $10 million verdict for a medical student who suffers from complex regional pain syndrome, and a $7.65 million verdict in a birth injury case in which a baby suffered from cerebral palsy caused by obstetrical negligence.

  • Does the lawyer have both capabilities to handle settlement or trial?

When hiring a medical malpractice attorney, you want to choose a firm who has the resources to handle the complicated and intensive factual investigation and legal procedures that will be involved. At Cogan & Power, clients benefit from our collaborative approach to legal representation, which allows us to draw on our attorneys’ extensive and varied experience and provide our clients with a big-firm level of experience and skill, while maintaining a small-firm level of client service and attention.

  • What level of personal attention will the lawyer give you?

A lawsuit of any kind is stressful enough, but when the lawsuit involves medical malpractice or personal injury, the lawsuit can be particularly nerve-wracking. At Cogan & Power, we pride ourselves on our friendly and collegial approach to legal representation. More than legal advocates, we become invested in our clients’ overall well-being as they struggle to recover from medical malpractice.

  • How much does the lawyer charge?

Most medical malpractice lawyers charge clients on a contingent fee basis, but before hiring a lawyer, you should confirm that this is the case and whether there are any extra fees charged for incidentals. At Cogan & Power, we take cases on a contingency basis, which means that you will not pay any fee unless we get you compensation.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a preventable medical error, do not hesitate to contact the experienced Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Cogan & Power, P.C. at (312) 477-2500 to learn more about a possible medical malpractice lawsuit.