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How the FMSCA Pre-Employment Screening Program Saves Lives

Trucking accidents take thousands of lives each year. In an attempt to reduce trucking accidents, the FMSCA launched, in 2010, a Pre-Employment Screening Program that is designed to help the trucking industry with the evaluation of truck drivers’ accident and safety violation history during the pre-employment screening process. Members of the Pre-Employment Screening Program pay $10 for each requested driver history, and trucking companies with 100 or more trucks pay an annual subscription fee of $100. Carriers with less than 100 trucks qualify for a discounted annual fee of $25.

“Safety is our highest priority. The Pre-Employment Screening Program sends a strong message to commercial carriers and drivers that we are serious about having the safest drivers behind the wheel of large trucks and buses,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in a press release.

According to the FMSCA, the Pre-Employment Screening Program offers access to up to five years of driver crash data and three years of inspection data regardless of the state or jurisdiction. The object of the program is to allow commercial trucking companies to “better assess the potential safety risks of prospective driver-employees” by using driver safety information during pre-employment screening. The Pre-Employment Screening Program also gives drivers additional opportunities to verify the data in their driving history and correct any discrepancies.

Impact of the Pre-Employment Screening Program

Recent data shows that the improvement in the crash rate for carriers using the Pre-Employment Screening Program was significant. In fact, trucking companies who use the Pre-Employment Screening Program experienced a 15% reduction in trucking accidents, compared to the 7% reduction in accidents for trucking companies not using the screening program. Moreover, the FMSCA estimates that 863 truck crashes have been prevented as a result of the Pre-Employment Screening Program.

Moreover, according to the FMSCA, the number of trucking company employers using the Pre-Employment Screening Program has increased significantly since the program began.

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